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Ham or Ham Steak, Hickory Maple Sugar Cured
from 15.99

Naturally flavorful. Hickory maple sugar cured.

Buttery, rich, and moist!

Well marbled, yet cleaner tasting, smooth fat

Monounsaturated fat, higher in oleic acid

Cures better than mainstream pork

Hormone and antibiotic free, fed a vegetarian diet

Gluten free, no MSG

Perfect for the holidays, or just something special. Our ham comes fully cooked in a hickory smoke cure. If you’d like an uncured ham, please contact us for availability.

Approximate weight of half hams:

– Medium: 6-11 lbs

Boneless hams.

Approximate weights listed above can vary. Hams are priced as a small or large, and not a per pound basis.

Size and Bone/less:
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