Mangalitsa Estates
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Why Mangalitsa Estates?

  1. Natural Gourmet Flavor – our pork is raised without added hormones, antibiotic free, and we never pump chemicals into the meat.  The flavor of our pork comes from the heirloom breed we raise on our family farm.  Our Mangalitsa Pork is raised for it’s deeper red coloring as well as it’s marbling – making it some of the most tender pork full of flavor and moisture.

  2. Quality as Priority – Traditional pigs take as little as 5 months to be fed out, however we put in over double the time to make sure you get the best tasting cut of pork every time.  We also bring together humane production system by raising them in hoops with a nice fluffy bed with straw or stover.

  3. Sustainable Practices – Being earth-friendly is vital to any food production system for the long term.  Thats why we implement ways to increase our farm’s sustainability using the latest practices.

  4. Family Heritage – Mangalitsa Estates is family owned.  With our heritage being in the farming industry ever since our ancestors came to America, we have built on the family tradition of excellence.  We take pride in producing the quality you expect.

How pork was meant to taste.

Whether it’s for a special occasion with friends and family or simply choosing a lifestyle with gourmet foods - we have you covered.