Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa boars, gilts and bred gilts available for those who prefer to raise their own Mangalitsa pork.  We will work with you to start your herd with the age of pigs that you would like.  We can offer you genetic packages to get started.  Due to the limited gene pool in the United States, we will help you keep the amount of inbreeding to a minimum.  We have the second largest herd of Mangalitsa’s in North America. We can help you get your pigs delivered several different ways.  We use our own bio-secure ground transport or if the pigs are young, we can arrange flights. If you do not want to maintain a Mangalitsa boar on your farm, we have Mangalitsa semen available from our artificial insemination center, International Boar Semen in Eldora, Iowa. Please contact them at 800-247-7877 for more information and help in getting started with artificial insemination.  Yes, you can “AI” Mangalitsa’s, we do all of the time.  Please call me to discuss the details. FEEDERS AND ROASTER PIGS:   We can provide 8 to 16 week old barrows to those wishing to custom feed their own pigs at home or they can be used as roaster pigs.  We have pure Mangalitsa and F1 Berkshire x Mangalitsa crosses.

Call for pricing.